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Help for People of All Ages

The Engage 1on1 Psychology Clinic provides professional services for people of all ages.

At some point in our lives we all suffer from deep worries, grief, relationship challenges, stress, and much more.

Get help when you need it. Make a time to see a professional Psychologist.

Matching the right Psychologist

Experienced Psychologist teams are in place for Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adult Women and Adult Men.

As part of the intake process for new Clients we can suggest a Psychologist with the best match of skills and experience for your specific and individual areas of concern.

Consulting Rooms

The Clinic is located in a big old brick home at 181 High St in the heart of Northcote, two doors from the town hall. see map

The rooms are spacious, private, and comfortable. The Clinic is a warm and inviting space for all clients.

Clinic hours are from 9:30am to 7:00pm.

Professional help with Life’s Many Challenges

Our Psychologists have a depth of professional skills and experience and use a range of therapy techniques to help you develop practical strategies and new ways to navigate life’s many challenges:



Transition and change

Stress management


Panic and fear

Regrets and guilt

Unemployment worry

Eating dysfunction




Autism Spectrum

Self compassion

Relaxation skills

Grief and loss


Family conflict/violence

Workplace issues

Identity and self image

Attention deficit


Parenting strategies

Social development


Sleep health

Emotional regulation

Adjustment disorder

Separation and divorce

Communication skills

Low self-esteem

Learning difficulties

Substance use

Maternal mental health

Emotional development


Self care

Mood disorders

Behaviour modification

Anger management

Personal strengths

Sibling rivalry / discord

Early intervention

School refusal

Clinic Location

The Engage 1on1 Psychology Clinic is located at 181 High St in the heart of Northcote, two doors from the Northcote Town Hall.