Early Intervention

Our Child Psychology Team helps children learn new skills to build their confidence and better understand their feelings.

Social and emotional development is key to our work with children on anxiety, low mood, adjustment to change, behavioural problems, learning difficulty, phobias, grief, and more.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Our team is experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and complex intervention treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Engage 1on1 is registered for FaCHSIA funded services and our psychologists offer supportive care and strategies, including group sessions, to help children with ASD.

Primary School Years

In the space of just 6 years our children transition from kindergarten to high school. The continuous change can be daunting for children and a whirlwind for parents.

Our psychologists use a holistic approach to include parents in the mental health care and development of their children.

Children's Mental Health and Well-being

The Engage 1on1 Child Psychology Team are highly skilled and offer specialised evidence-based counselling services for children and their families.
We support children who are experiencing a range of issues and concerns, helping them to learn more about themselves and the world around them, and to reach their full potential.

Our thorough psychosocial assessments help guide the intervention programs developed for children and their families, while also revealing the underlying or contributing factors of challenging behaviours. Behaviours are often a child’s way of communicating with us. It is important to learn their language of communication to be effective in approaches with children. Children think and process information, and communicate differently from adults.

Engage1on1 Psychologists are passionate about supporting children to feel understood and to be heard, helping them to learn ways of being effective in their world. We firmly believe in the benefits of early intervention for children. Research tells us that early intervention for children can often prevent mental illnesses in adolescence and adulthood.

How we can help

We help to foster children’s strengths and to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of their difficulty. We work closely with parents, school staff, and other professionals involved in the child’s care to encourage a consistent learning experience. Together we explore triggers and factors that may exacerbate behaviours.

Treatment plans are tailored to meet your child’s and the family’s needs. Treatment may involve a number of approaches including individual therapy, parenting and/or family support, and school based support. We help your child to feel supported, to gain independence, and to build resilience.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a wonderful opportunity for children to create with their psychologist a safe place to share their feelings and experiences. Some children may not be familiar with identifying their feelings or expressing them. The child psychologist works gently with children to encourage them to learn about themselves and to develop their emotional intelligence and social awareness.

With this information, children can learn to manage their emotions, understand their role in relationships, and be more effective in their communication. These new skills strengthen their self-confidence and resilience.

Family Therapy

Family therapy supports the family system and encourages development of knowledge, skills, and understanding in each family member, helping to support each other and work together as a family unit.

Family members are often impacted by their children’s mental health. Also, other family members may be experiencing their own mental health concerns. Whether it be an opportunity to learn about your child’s difficulties, learning new ways to support your child, or learning about your own mental health needs, involving family members is crucial to be effective in fostering children’s mental health.

Parenting Skills

Parenting is a most challenging role and we often hear parents doubting their parenting approaches. At Engage 1on1 our psychologists work collaboratively with parents to learn about their children and family values. We work with parents to explore how their children communicate, their triggers, their strengths and other patterns of behaviours.

Using this information together with your family values, we help you establish effective communication, discipline boundaries, and consistent parenting approaches to foster a secure attachment/relationship with your child. A really big benefit of improving Parenting Skills is better outcomes in your child’s mental health and greater harmony in the home.

School Support

Children spend significant periods of their days within educational environments. They often rely on the school staff to support, develop and manage their mental health and social needs. Engage 1on1 child psychologists work with school staff to understand the child’s presentation and to tailor practical and educational strategies to support the child’s emotional and social skills development and improve resilience.